100% Grass Fed
Raised on Open
Pasture in Knox County
Grass Fed Beef is  

Better Tasting
Better for Your
Better for the Animals
Better for the Environment
Working in Harmony With Nature
We produce delicious and tender 100% Black Angus Grass Fed Beef.  Our cattle are raised and
pastured locally, so you always know where your beef comes from.  We don't use antibiotics or
added hormones, making our beef safer and healthier.  We protect our animals' welfare by raising
them under humane, natural conditions and using only low stress management techniques.  We
believe in preserving the land by practicing sustainable agriculture.
Our beef is hand-cut and dry-aged for 21 days to increase tenderness and improve flavor and
xture.  We offer 20 different cuts, each in its own vacuum sealed package, or in sides or wholes.  
Unlike supermarket beef, each package of our lean ground beef comes from a single animal.
TENNESSEE VALLEY FARMS distributes its beef from
The Shops in Sequoyah Hills,   1204 Kenesaw Ave,   Knoxville,  37919
By appointment.   We also deliver in Sequoyah Hills and the surrounding area
Because our beef is direct from the farm there is never any sales tax
To Place an Order:
Email:  info@tnvalleyfarms.com   or   Call:  (865) 525-4007
Or use the form on the
 Contact Us  page on this website
Tennessee Valley Farms Grass Fed Beef is also available at The Health Factory on Alcoa Hwy and Echo Wine
Bar and Bistro in Bearden
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Get specifics on Specials, which Farmers Markets and events we will be at, and
information on the latest research findings
We are at the following Farmers Markets when they are in season

Ebenezer United Methodist Church
1001 Ebenezer Road at Westland Drive
3:00 - 6:00 PM
Lakeshore Park
6410 So. Northshore Drive
(the parking lot near the ball fields)
3:00 – 6:00 PM
Oak Ridge at Jackson Square
8:00 AM – Noo